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Peña de lobos (Hill of wolves)

This story is from a trip I made with my friends in Mexico, before leaving to Europe and I wanted to write about it as well because it is one of those experiences so good that I will never forget.

It all began one day when we were talking about an interesting place to go camping and the idea surged of going to a place that is famous for its paranormal activities, where people claim to have seen ghosts, fairies, goblins, UFO’s and even demonic apparitions, this place’s name is Peña de Lobos, right outside of Mexico city in the way to Toluca.

We were six people, one Spanish friend, two Mexican friends, my cousin, my brother and me, everybody eager to have an amazing experience and get to see or feel something paranormal.

It took us something more than an hour to get to the place by my cousin’s car, we arrived at the parking area and rapidly the camping staff members approached asking for the payment for leaving the car there, it wasn’t much so we paid and began unpacking. Shortly after, a group of guys asked us for help to move a van which was parked right in front of their car leaving them trapped, we felt ready for the challenge and as they were a group of several men just like us, we all gathered around the van, pulled it up and moved it a few centimeters until some of us who were on the side of the gentle cliff, shouted a stop because we were going to make it fall off it.

Right after all the camp was set we walked a bit around and reached a huge rock next to the abyss with a really nice view. One of my friends was taking a look with the binoculars when he said “hey check out those rocks far away, they look cool” and my Spanish friend suggested “let’s go to them, we will be there in about two hours”. No more thinking was done, we all just began walking there through the thick forest without having eaten lunch first or even carrying water. Almost exactly the two hours later, we reached the place, all of us completely exhausted after going uphill for a while battling against bushes, tall grass, trees, everything. We climbed the rocks and stared at the marvelous view. One of my friends spotted also a chromed shiny balloon which probably flew astray and ended up hooking against a tree not far from us. We started testing the echo by shouting random stuff like “Luke I am your father. NOOOO!” and it was the most amazing echo I have ever heard, it took what I think was about 30 seconds to fade and it bounced from absolutely all directions in an incredibly clear way.

When we decided to go back after having some rest and some shirtless energy-rock-hugging, we began making our way along which we made some interesting findings, like several cow skulls tied with string to dead trees. One of my friends was carrying his nunchakus and hitting everything on his way including one of the skulls which broke with incredible ease, showing us how powerful a weapon it can be.

Once we got back to the campsite and it was getting dark, we made a bonfire and cooked a very good meal as we were carrying a lot of food. After that my Spanish friend and the one with the nunchakus left to wander around at night and see what paranormal stuff they could catch while the rest of us decided to stay and rest. We were all lying on the grass with our faces watching the starry night while listening to the drunken group that had rented a cabin next to us, yelling “Karina!!!” looking for one of their inebriated friends who got lost somewhere in the forest. We were chatting when suddenly my friend who stayed said “hey that star is moving”. He pointed it for us and we confirmed that it was moving, in a slow circular way almost imperceptible. After some time, the drunk people hadn’t still found their friend so the police came with their car’s blue and red lights on and that’s when everything got more interesting. The moving star we were observing suddenly began shifting incredibly fast from one position to the other, making patterns, sometimes 8’s sometimes circles, sometimes straight lines and at times it was so fast we lost it from sight. But that wasn’t all, it started changing colors, blue and red, just like the police car, we were all shocked and super excited, I tried vainly to record it with my camera but I could only capture darkness and our voices. A little after the police left, the moving star disappeared and we couldn’t find it again.

Some minutes later my Spanish and other friend came back from their small trip saying they met, almost at the end of their stroll, the “paranormal excursion group” which they tried to avoid all night claiming that they didn’t want to get scared by fake stuff set up by the organizers of the tour. They told us that there was a strange and loud growling noise near the place the locals called “the children’s cemetery” however, they didn’t try to get closer and find out what it was. We began checking their pictures as they told us in many of them they captured white orbs flying in the middle of the forest, when suddenly, we found one of the pictures at the children’s cemetery where a faded out old woman appeared in the background, a woman none of them had seen while they were there. The paranormal tour had caught up with them at that point, but in it there were only young campers like us, nobody remembered seeing older people amongst them, besides, only the top half of the woman can be seen, the rest fading into the blackness and she seems to be standing behind the small wire fence where there was no ground, only a cliff below which there were some pine trees whose tops can be seen on the photo. My cousin’s face when he saw the picture was the best of all, he got really scared and one of my friends said “take his car keys before he leaves us here!”

We decided we wouldn’t go exploring again that same night as we had already had enough bizarre experiences.

The next day we went looking for the waterfalls to take a quick bath, guided by my Spanish friend who has an amazing sense of orientation but is also quite experienced in camping. Once we got there we entered the freezing cold water, so much it was painful to stay inside for a few minutes, with a soap bar to quickly clean ourselves. My Spanish friend was first, then I and then my brother, who let the soap slip from his hand and it got lost forever as it was similar in shape to the river rocks and our hands were too numb to feel the difference in texture. We tried and tried to no avail. My Mexican friend then was disappointed as he wanted to clean himself too so what he did in the end was to shower with toothpaste, which made us laugh quite a lot.

On our way back we tried to find a road to have an easier walk, we followed the river for a while until we found a llama. And a raccoon too. They were each in some sort of small enclosed habitat next to a big house. We began stepping up to the small road in front of the house when a dog ran at us barking and stopped a few meters before reaching my ninja friend. Then a man came to one of the windows asking who we were, later coming down to meet us. We explained that we wanted to see if we could use the small road to reach a bigger one which would take us easily back to the camp to which he simply replied “no you can’t go this way, why don’t you go back the same way you came from?” with some kind of unease. Then he asked “do you smoke weed?” we said we didn’t and he said “ah me neither. Do you want some?” We answered “no thanks” and we started going back on our original path, however, we noticed that he followed us for some part of the way from afar, checking if we were actually leaving. Back at the campsite we talked about that strange encounter and wondered if it had possibly been the house of a narco (mafia).

That night we went all exploring the forest and back to the famous children’s cemetery where the strange photo was taken and the scary growl was heard. I was stunned at how different everything looks at night and how easy it is to get lost, fortunately my Spanish friend was there because I had no idea where I was going.

The children’s cemetery was situated at a clearing at the top of a small hill with a cliff next to a field of pine trees. The clearing had two very big circles drawn on the ground by a line of dirt about one foot wide, where the grass didn’t seem to grow. We were inside the biggest circle, walking towards the cliff when we heard, coming from that direction, something like a very deep growl or very loud breathing hiding somewhere behind the undergrowth. My ninja friend wanted to approach more but the rest of us weren’t really convinced so we stood there when suddenly one of them told us to look at the sky because there was another star moving close to the horizon. It was another one similar to what we had seen the previous day, at times moving slowly, at times really fast and sometimes blinking. Some of use started looking for more weird stuff in the sky and ground when suddenly my Spanish friend and brother made an awe exclamation and asked excitedly “did you see that?” and almost at the same time said that they saw a bright red thin light coming out of the moving star which lasted only a fraction of a second. The rest of us who were distracted were shocked that they had both seen and said the same thing at the same time and while we were discussing about it, we saw the most beautiful falling star I have ever seen in my life, it moved quickly like a white line and suddenly it kind of exploded in red leaving a much bigger red trail which faded out in a few seconds. We kept looking for the first moving star near the horizon but it was gone, meanwhile the growl was still in the background and we decided it was time to go back to the campsite.

The next day we asked one of the staff members about the growl and he said nobody has seen the creature but many have heard it and the named it “the panther”. He also told us about a small circle of rocks that was located in one of the edges of the campsite. He said it is thought of being an energy sport, sort of portal, and that weird experiences have been reported when people touch the stone in the center. Things going from strange tickling in your body to something rather extreme such as the story of a girl who claimed she was transported to another dimension for a few seconds, closing her eyes and suddenly opening them to see a completely white landscape with a huge black wall extending to the horizon, then blinking and coming back to our world. That story sounds ridiculously fake but we wanted to at least see if the tickling effect was true so we went there, touched the stone and absolutely nothing happened. Then we began talking about energies and my ninja friend said that his sensei (because he was actually studying ninjutsu) told him that he shouldn’t meditate in a place with a known energy portal such as that one because it could be dangerous as you open energetic portals when you meditate and he could get something bad coming inside him. Therefore, he went to the middle rock, sat on top of it and began meditating… After maybe a minute, he opened his eyes and said he felt some strange pressure in his chest and dizziness so he preferred to stop.

Having had several strange experiences and an amazing time, we left the campsite with a big feeling of satisfaction and told to each other that we should go back one day, this time having more courage to explore those weird things further.

To any of my readers, if you have any weird paranormal stories of your own, I invite you to tell me about them in the comments, I love that kind of stories regardless of whether I believe them or not.

Photo of the supposed ghost with close-up

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