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Interrail with my brother - Part 6 (Last)

From Italy we went to Vienna, capital of Austria, a very beautiful city where most of the buildings in the city centre look like palaces. There we also noticed something similar to Rome, it was full of McDonalds signs indicating their direction every 100 meters. We did our usual walks of 12 hours a day and tried to see everything we could, parks, museums, gardens, palaces, etc.

The next stop was Prague where we stayed in a great hostel that was also probably the cheapest of the entire trip.

There we had the need to wash our clothes because they reeked. We went to the laundry room of the hostel, put my clothes in the washing machine, followed the instructions and nothing worked. I opened it to get my things out and I realised that it had stagnant water that stank disgustingly and all my clothes had been submerged in it.

The hostel apologised and told us where we could find another laundry place. I had to go with shorts under my trousers because I had to wash them but it was too cold outside. Arriving at the laundry place I began to undress and put my clothes in the washing machine. We stayed there until they finished washing.

We visited the important tourist sites and took the free walking tour which was very good and explained many interesting historical facts of the city such as that the Rolling Stones band paid for the lighting of the Prague Castle because they were sorry that such a beautiful building did not show off during the night.

Upon leaving Prague, we re-entered Germany where we headed to Cologne. The city was very quiet and many of the monuments were covered due to rennovations. It is also a bit more modern and industrial, so it did not hold us for very long.

Then we decided to go to Luxembourg where some time ago, I had met a Polish friend on couchsurfing, who lived there and she told me that if we wanted we could visit her. We stayed in her apartment and went for a walk in the centre of Luxembourg which is very beautiful, with its many slopes and quite large and decorated stone buildings. We talked about life there and she told us that she hated it because it is full of corporate people and everything is very formal and boring, revolving around work, but she had to meet the minimum time of her work contract before she moved somewhere else.

After Luxembourg, the trip time was coming to an end and we headed back to Brussels where my brother took his flight back to Mexico and we didn't see each other again until the end of that year.



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