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About my comics "The ruler and the Leopard"

It has been a while since I published the first part of my comic "The ruler and the leopard" and I have not really mentioned anything regarding what Flowers of Wind and Blood is.

I also made a short comic based on the same universe for a competition titled "The hill of crying flowers" which is also available online for free.

This lack of updates has basically occurred due to a bit of a creative block in which I have some ideas for the next part of the story but they do not really satisfy me. It is a constant learning process and it has been quite hard to stare at a blank page and try to come up with something compelling, however, I will not simply give it up. I might approach the story in other ways and through different angles and characters since I already have several bits and pieces of exciting adventures to unfold.

I have also noticed that in websites such as tapas and webtoon, most of the comic are updated quite regularly, with some even daily. To me it is really difficult to have this frequency since I aim to have a certain visual level of detail, which I want to push higher and higher.

If you read and enjoy my comics, thank you and please be patient as it will be continued.

Of course, all critiques and suggestions will be welcomed.

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