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The other world

One of the main inspirations for my story is the history of the conquest of Mexico. I read many accounts of it such as the chronicles of Bernal Diaz which were incredibly inspiring and blew my away several times with his descriptions of the new land they were exploring, especially the moment when they see for the first time the city of Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec empire.

There were also some really great novels like the series of "Aztec" by Gary Jennings which I could not put down until I finished them and "The Heart of Jade" which also has a beautiful story.

The latest books I read on the subject were "Warlords of Ancient Mexico: How the Mayans and Aztecs Ruled for More Than a Thousand Years" by Peter Tsouras and "The Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico" by Miguel Leon Portilla which talk about the few emperors the Aztecs had and the chilling moments before, during and after the conquest by the Spaniards. These books just inspired me way more to create something about it.

Some of my ideas regarding the world of the explorers and conquerors in my story are for example, using a bit of ancient European mythologies to create my own creatures from them and make them collide with the ones in the new world.

I have been writing the story of one of these characters who will be an explorer and I am planning to make more comics (or if I find a way, even animations) for his story and to connect my worlds after the events of my first comic "The ruler and the leopard"

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