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The first race of men

The first race of men were giants made of mud and stone. They are not very intelligent and their colossal size makes them rather slow.

Many of the mask motifs on the decorations of the cities of humans are based on the faces of famous giants.

They can easily blend in with the landscapes and they normally live in the forests and jungles alone or in small groups.

Their size and strength make them very dangerous when humans provoke them in their hunts. Normally they coexist peacefully with the rest of the creatures in nature but when someone threatens them, they can get very aggressive.

The god Ixmu created them at the beginning and his brother Xipoc convinced him that they were too dumb and uninteresting and they would not be able to serve the gods as they should, so they destroyed most of them, however, Ixmu hid a few others. Later, when Xipoc decided to create a second race, due to resentment, Ixmu did the same to that new creation.

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