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Ideas about Flowers of wind and blood

Here are some of the ideas I have thought about for the world of Ikub, the hero of "The ruler and the leopard" and the cities in his continent:

  • Their religion is polytheistic.

  • They have gods that represent elements, natural phenomena, things and events.

  • It is inspired in the pre-hispanic religions like the Aztecs and Mayans.

  • There are old ancient creatures which the people set out to hunt often in order to make the gods happy as it is believed that they are survivors of failed species and the gods attempted to eradicate them all but didn’t manage to.

  • Every man in their cities has military training including their priests, who focus on worshipping different gods.

  • Most of the priests leave their hair grow freely and never cut it. They wash very seldomly.

  • They tattoo and pierce themselves a lot with mainly religious motifs but also military, like some scenes from amazing acts of bravery.

  • The names of their places and people tend to be very poetic and metaphorical.

  • They place a high value and pride on their work.

  • There are plenty of ceremonies they follow.

  • They possess one calendar for the hunts, one for war, one for crops and one for ceremonies among others.

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