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Experimenting with 3D tools.

Several parts of the story of “The ruler and the leopard” happen in the town of Tollan, which is where the hero of the story Ikub comes from.

I wanted to have a better idea of the layout of the city so I decided to use my knowledge of 3D modelling to create some simple buildings and arrange them in space. This allows me to get a better picture of the distribution, sizes, proportions and allows for quicker changes as I only require to displace the buildings as opposed to having to draw them and figure out perspectives every time.

I wanted the houses to have hay roofs and at some point I became obsessed with trying to make a hair particle system on them in Blender which took my ages and kept crashing my computer. I guess procrastination comes in many ways and it is not always possible to avoid.

At some point I would really love to make it in full detail and also transfer it to a game engine to be able to see it in VR and walk it’s streets.

Most of the buildings were pretty simple and fast to model, since they are very geometric shapes. Things get a bit more complicated with more complex shapes such as the pyramid temple, which I tried to make with decent topology to have it textured some time in the future.

One of my first wishes was to make everything 3D and even animate it a little bit. This proved incredibly time consuming however, as it took me ages to model the leopard and Ikub to a not very high standard. It might still happen one day...

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