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Introducing “Flowers of wind and blood”

For a very long time I have wanted to create a fantasy world full of characters with interesting stories, different races, mythical creatures, gods and great magical cities.

I became very interested in the history of the conquest of Mexico and read several books including the chronicles of Bernal Diaz del Castillo about the arrival of the Spaniards and how they viewed this strange new world. Likewise, I have read a lot about the side of the Aztecs, their omens and prophecies and the fall of their great city of Tenochtitlan together with their empire itself.

One day I got the idea that I could create a fantasy world inspired in the ancient American cultures,their myths and beliefs and show the clash of two parts of the world by depicting something similar to the conquest.

As it often happens to many people, I played with the idea in my head for a very long time and made some sketches and small fragments of stories, dropping them and retaking them plenty of times due to fears of not being a good enough artist or writing a poor story. Many other obstacles have come in the way as well as other opportunities in life.

Now, however, I feel that it is time to put those fears aside and really focus in fulfilling this dream. I know it is not going to be easy and I have already encountered those fears that lead me to procrastination but this time I think I am more prepared to deal with them and I know I have the support of family and friends.

The first thing I am working on is a story of one of the rulers of the empire I am imagining. How he rose and met a powerful ally on his journey. The story is called “The ruler and the leopard” and it is just one of the many stories to come in the world of “Flowers of wind and blood”

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